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M Learning with voxy

My interest was piqued when I researched emerging technologies in education by Voxy, a start-up delivering language instruction to Spanish speakers using shortened news stories. You can choose from three different story sets – headline news, pop culture or sports. (Personally, I could skip sports, but that’s just me.) You download the iPhone app (Droid app coming soon), and then select the headline of the story you want to read (headlines in Spanish), read the story, select vocabulary to see definitions and add to your list to study later, and answer some comprehension questions. In the discipline of Criminal Justice, it is necessary that international students develop their English skills to understand essential concepts and principles. Voxy can help bridge language gap, and also support ESL Departments and various institutions.

What is a Voxy course?

Voxy is a web-based English eLearning company providing institutions with an adaptive, dynamic curriculum and personalized instruction. Voxy has three million users in more than 20 countries and has been rated the #1 education app in 23 countries. Voxy was founded in February 2010 by Gregg Carey and Paul Gollash.

How do I implement Voxy into my course curriculum?

Many international students in the Criminal Justice discipline are not informed about criminal justice issues in the United States due to the language barrier. Unfortunately, their only frame of reference with criminal issues is in their respective countries. When education is personalized, stories such as the Ahmaud Arbery case, George Floyd case, and the Botham Jean case become more relevant to those who have a schema that only concerns their culture. One way I would implement the M- Learning platform would be to form a partnership with the ESL department at my respective school and identify the students that need help deciphering the ends and outs of the English language. Then I would pair them with peers that speak English strongly, and can help them better understand the News headlines coming to their phone, and link them with current course objectives. I would ask the paired classmates to present the information they have researched, and assess how knowledge has been digested by both parties.

Facebook Videos of Teachers utilizing the Platform

Exploring Facebook for educational resources is an invigorating experience to say the least. FB provides a reasonable platform to post essential information related to academia. To utilize this platform at an efficient way, recorded Quantitative Statistics would be most appropriate. The SPSS data system is best presented when students have videos of teachers showing students how to interpret data analysis. popularAnother way to use the platform is having students create a fan page about a historical character within the CJ discipline, and take on that character’s identity on FB.

Rationale-Relatability to students with teacher knowledge and practice of the platform, makes history come alive


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