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Emerging applications in Adult Education

So many students don’t utilize all the functions of the phone they have paid hundreds of dollars for, and have the nerve enough to fight over which brand of phone is the best. Two applications that can be utilized on both Iphones and android phones are the translate function app, and the clips application.


As visible on the image, translate allows for a visual and verbal experiences when it comes understanding languages of classroom peers and instructors as well. Some times conversational language gets lost in translation due to tone inflection and slang related to specific cultures.

I would personally use the Translate app during group projects that require domestic students with strong English backgrounds to translate slang conversation into Spanish as it relates to informal conversation within the Criminal Justice system. Students could also recreate a prison conversation between hispanic and american inmates, with the goal being to understand crime and punishment are cross cultural.

The Clips App for Iphone and Android

As featured below, the clips application allows photo graphic or video projects to be organized in a goal oriented fashion, as opposed to constantly allowing access to personal photo galleries. This technology could be used in focus groups and interviews for qualitative research method projects. Video footage is always more compelling than verbal evidence only.


One thought on “Emerging applications in Adult Education”

  1. I appreciate this post because I am interested in the use of videos in learning. Videos and photos are an excellent source of visual data. When learners use this technology to share different perspectives it builds knowledge base and learners grow professionally. I am one of those people who has not taken the time to learn all the outs and ins my phone has to offer, now I will be looking at all the video and photo features to figure out how I can use them to my benefit.


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