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Classflow allows teachers to assess student comprehension in the moment of learning, with real-time assessments and instant polling. By immediately identifying and addressing any gaps in knowledge, educators can then tailor their lessons to the real needs of each pupil. Classflow can also be used to increase engagement and improve learning by setting different questions for different pupils (or groups of pupils), depending on their ability, learning style, or project. By assessing students in a manner appropriate to them, pupils are less likely to become frustrated and disengaged, and more likely to succeed.

E- Portfollios

     One method of helping students demonstrate their global learning is through the use of an eportfolio. An E-Portfolio is an electronic account of student work/progress used at all educational levels from early education through higher education. Eportfolios can support deep learning and support reflective practices across various learning contexts as they facilitate overall learning. The blend of learning products that exist within the eportfolio makes learning visible to all stakeholders, but especially the student. The eportfolio allows for students to reflect on and integrate their work to view overall learning progress. The reason that eportfolios have become a successful assessment tool is because they require significant and purposeful work from the student.


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